Building with JeMa is Easy!

Building with Jema

JeMa Homes will custom build any size and style of home to suit your family’s needs. The Building Process is complicated… we can make it simple for you!

We have plenty of plans to choose from – or bring your own. We can help with every step of the way from site prep and construction to paint colours and interior finishing.

With over 10 years of experience in building homes, you can feel confident that Jeff and Maggie will provide your family with a well-built custom home that will last!

Build with confidence – and a warranty
1. Meet
Come and meet us and we will walk you through the process of getting started with your new home. Look at plans, pick a lot and make sure that you are ready for the process.
2. Pick Location
Our building lots are located in desirable, small communities. Come and check out the locations, the amenities surrounding them and then pick the exact location of your next home. We will answer your every question.
3. Design
We have a location. we have an idea. Now we walk you through the process of making sure this is your plan. We look at similar other homes and lead you along the way of making sure your plan works for your family.
4. Build
The building process can be overwhelming if you have never went through it before. Every step along the way is important, but don't worry - we will take care of it for you, while keeping you involved in your home’s construction. We will ensure that your home is built using superior building products and trusted, reliable tradespeople.
5. Finishes
At this point we are ready to walk you through the process of finalizing paint colours, trim, taps, and everything else that makes your home unique. This is the fun part. We are almost at the finish line.
6. Move In
Each of our completed homes are protected by the Tarion Warranty Program. Once you have had your final walk through, the keys are handed over and your home is ready for move in! Sit down, celebrate and sleep with the comfort of a warranty on your new build.
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